School History

Maple Grove School
The original Maple Grove School District was annexed into the Boise District on May 18, 1949. It was known as Common School District No. 10. The old Maple Grove schoolhouse sat on the southeast corner of Franklin and Maple Grove Roads. It was abandoned by the District in the late 1940's.

In 1968, a new Maple Grove School was built on South Maple Grove Road just north of Victory Road. Two other schools, Owyhee and Valley View, were built in the same year. The school was planned for twelve classrooms, but the area grew so rapidly that seven more rooms were added during construction. An additional six classrooms were added in 1973, bringing the total to 22.

While Maple Grove is more traditional in design, it features a unique courtyard at the center of the school that is frequently used as an outdoor classroom. 

In 2019, Maple Grove added an additional wing that includes 6 classrooms, a gym, and restrooms. This was made possible by a bond passed by the community.