Mission Statement

Our Mission: We educate students to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens.

Our Vision:   We foster a love of learning. We meet the challenge of the future with an unwavering commitment to our values. We empower a quality staff to use best practices and resources to provide an exemplary education for every student.

Our Values:

Respect – “The act of giving particular attention”              

  • Be friendly, polite, and show common courtesies

  • Listen actively to what someone has to say

  • Consider the point of view of others

  • Care about the feelings of others

  • Use appropriate words and avoid swearing, name calling, obscene gestures, and inappropriate touching

  • Dress appropriately

  • Listen and follow directions

  • Demonstrate self-respect through wellness, fitness and hygiene

Dignity – “The state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed”

  • Find value in others and let them know

  • Talk out a problem, avoiding violence and hurting others

  • Have self-respect and a calm self-esteem

Honesty – “Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct – adherence to the facts”

  • Give credit for a borrowed idea

  • Admit and correct mistakes, even if others don’t notice

  • Tell the truth

  • Return what you borrow

  • Say what you mean, do what you say, keep promises

Responsibility – “Moral, legal, or mental accountability – reliable – trustworthy”

  • Behave within the laws and rules of the team, organization, state, and nation

  • Accept consequences of your actions

  • Be prepared and do your share of the work

  • Be on time and complete work on time

  • Make positive contributions

  • Take pride in your home, school, and community; and avoid destructive acts

  • View mistakes as opportunities to learn; take the risk of trying

Teamwork – “Work done by several people with each doing a part”

  • Pitch in to help others

  • Ask and encourage others to participate

  • Change your habits to meet the group’s need, when working on a group project

  • Encourage others to express their points of view